Our Services

Creating highly complex digital systems is our core competence. Such systems today usually consist of
  • Hardware components
  • (Multiple) Processors
  • FPGAs
  • ASICs
  • Software in form of Applications, Drivers and Operating Systems
Loginovo brings experience in all of these areas and thus can provide turn-key solutions to you. We provide consultancy and design services in the following areas:
  • Design of complete digital systems from study phase to production
  • Implementation and debug of designs on FPGAs, especially from Xilinx. We are experienced in implementing FPGAs of all complexity levels, from small low-cost products up to designs utilizing the biggest devices available.
  • High quality IP design in VHDL or (System)Verilog, taking advantage of our own IP library
  • Architecture specification of complex FPGA and ASIC designs, including multi-core systems based for example on ARMŽ processors and lowest-power systems.